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Company Overview

Finch Manufacturing & Technology, LLC (FMT) is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company that manufactures, repairs, and assembles large equipment, parts, and systems with expertise in rotary processing equipment such as industrial kilns & dryers. Not only is FMT a leader in producing large wheels, shafts, thrust rollers, and trunnions, but we also manufacture numerous categories of heavy-duty equipment and parts ranging from inches and pounds to feet and tons. FMT’s skilled machinists and engineers, unique and redundant equipment, and our factory’s 100% crane coverage allows us to accommodate urgent customer requests and deliver our products on-time. FMT’s engineering department works with our clients in a customer-focused manner to “Design – Build – Install” complex industrial systems and can reverse-engineer critical components. Our manufacturing capabilities and project management skills enable FMT to design, engineer, and fabricate components for complex projects, ranging from fragmentation chambers to underwater assemblies. FMT takes great pride in our ability to deliver high-quality parts and services that exceed customer expectations.

Services Offered

  • Design – Build – Install Large Component Systems
  • Industrial Kilns, Dryers, & Related Components
  • Metal Part & Component Manufacturing
  • Reverse Engineering of Components
  • DEMIL Operations & Fragmentation Chamber
  • Lock and Gate Repair, Stop Logs, & Culvert Valves
  • Incinerators – Manufacture, Repair, & Service
  • Marine Construction – Screens, Augers, Shafts
  • Welding, Boring, Drilling, Bending & Assembly
  • Large Equipment Machining & Fabrication
  • Refurbishment & Modernization Projects
  • Field Service & Repairs
  • Afterburner (APE)
  • Mining, Drilling, & Power Equipment 
  • Specialized Nuts, Bolts, & Fasteners
  • Engineering Design & Project Management
  • Base Frames & Heavy Supporting Structures



Industry Description

333994 Industrial Processing – Furnace and Oven
333249 Other Industrial Machinery Manufacturing
332710 Machine Shops
333618 Machinery Manufacturing – Other Industrial Machinery Manufacturing
333999 All Other Miscellaneous & General-Purpose Machinery Manufacturing
237990 Other Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction
332311 Prefabricated Metal Building and Component Manufacturing
332312 Fabricated Structural Metal Manufacturing
332410 Power Boiler and Heat Exchanger Manufacturing
332439 Other Metal Container Manufacturing
332721 Precision Turned Product Manufacturing
332722 Bolt, Nut, Screw, Rivet, & Washer Manufacturing
332999 All Other Miscellaneous Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing
333131 Mining and Equipment Manufacturing
333517 Machine Tool Manufacturing
333922 Conveyor & Conveying Equipment Manufacturing
562213 Solid Waste Combustors and Incinerators
541330 Engineering Services
811310 Commercial & Industrial Machinery & Equipment (except Automotive & Electronic) Repair & Maintenance

Custom Fabricated/Machined Camera Ports

Interior of Afterburner – Pyroblocks

Stop Logs/Bulkheads After Painting

Drive Base Fabrication Print

Machined Shaft

Rotary Crusher

Fabricated Screw Auger



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Finch Capabilities Statement

Finch Technology Brochure