Design – Build – Install

DESIGN-BUILD-INSTALL (DBI) has become a major factor in Finch’s success. Our tested project management and broad manufacturing capabilities allow us to deliver the total rotary processing system, such as a cooler and kiln, on-time and on-budget to our customers.  This allows our customers to focus their time on their core businesses.These projects take intense coordination, communication, teamwork, and a skilled design and production team. We often upgrade or increase customer throughput during the design process. Our team will be in constant communication, if requested, or establish periodic meetings or other communication as determined by the customer. During installation, we will have a skilled Field Service Engineer on-site who has been part of this project from the beginning and helped design it! We are fortunate that our track record demonstrates that once we manage a large project, our customers come back to Finch for their next major project.  We recently DBI’d a 50-ft. long dryer for a customer and increased their hourly throughput from 200 to 300 tons.

Customer Testimonial

Prior to the dryer we were producing approximately 12 tons of product per hour and now we are producing 18 tons per hour with the new unit. Further, the operating availability time for the old dryer was around 75% and now the new dryer is giving us 100%.

Example Project 1

Cooler Installation – 90″ OD x 45’ Long

Installed May 2017

  • Modernize Prior Finch Design from 1988
  • Supply Replacement Cooler with
    • Two Floating Pad Mounted Tires
    • Spring Plate Mounted Spur Gear
    • Discharge Screen
    • Internal Flighting System
  • Modernize Existing Drive System
    • New Pinion
    • New Modern Motor
    • New Modern Gearbox
    • Design and Manufacture Transition Mounting Plate to Adapt New Drive Components to Old Baseframe
  • Supplied with (4) New Trunnion Rollers with Bearings
  • Manufacture New Thrust Roller Heads and Bronze Bushings

Example Project 2

Dryer Installation- 72″ OD x 33’ Long 

  • Supply Replacement Dryer
    • Floating Plad Systems for (2) New Tires
    • A36 Mild Steel Outer Shell
    • AR400 Abrasion Resistant Bolt in Liner
    • Custom Finch Flighting
  • Modernize Drive System
    • Converted from Spur Gear Drive to Sprocket and Chain Drive
    • Confirm Drive Torque
    • Confirm Drive Ratios to Size All Sprockets Required
  • Modernize Baseframe
    • Retrofit Base with Custom Trunnion Mounting Transition Base to Use Modern Pillow Block Bearings
  • On Site Installation Management Overseeing the Installation Crew, Keep Track of Schedule, and Problem Solve Any Issues that Came Up
  • Start Up Support to Ensure Proper Floating of the Cooler Unit When Returned to Service