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Industrial Rotary Processing Equipment & Services

Finch Technology has been serving the machinery manufacturing industry since 1855. Located in West Pittston, Pennsylvania, we offer service in more than 101 categories of heavy-duty processing machinery and equipment.

Finch Technology has the ability to service drillers and ancillary businesses involved with the Marcellus activity. We can custom manufacture and/or repair any heavy equipment part or product.

We manufacture replacement parts for Kilns, Dryers, Calcinators, Breakers, and other Rotary Processing Equipment.  With our 600 Ton Press, Vertical Milling capabilities up to 18’-9”, 30 Ton overhead crane, large lathe & VTLs and talented machinists, Finch is capable of manufacturing most any size OEM replacement part or equipment refurbishment. Our low overheads and extensive network of fabrication capabilities will save your company precious capital dollars.